How Do You Ground Yourself?

How Do You Ground Yourself?

When you feel alive… Do you feel balanced? Harmonious? Grounded?

Are you able to make decisions, not just based on your feelings, but on the facts that reality is showing you? Do people look to you for earnest, considered, heartfelt decisions that they know will serve them?

We are made from Earth. Made from carbon, in complex forms. It’s so easy to forget our bodies and get lost in our minds. But just as a tree can flex in the wind, but not lose its true sense of form, so must we, in the face of change, hold true and allow ourselves to be flexed simultaneously.

If you have extended the roots of your awareness deep into your sense of self,  and if the branches of your actions and behaviours have adapted but stood the test of time, then you are in harmony.

Too much earth and we get too solid and stiff.  We choke, the world closes in because we are cluttered with too much stuff. We stifle others with our over practicality and our solutions without letting others feel understood by us first.

If you reflect these qualities, or you need more of them, then this piece will serve you. It’s called ‘Being Grounded in Beauty’.