Meet Louis Parsons

Louis Parsons has devoted his life and artwork to exploring the mystery and beauty of human potential.

This devotion led him to pioneer a new form of art called SoulScaping, which celebrates the unique essence of an individual, partnership or family. These paintings are an exceptional kind of self-portraiture, capturing the inner dimensions of a person rather than the physical.  Commissions have included celebrities, world class surfing athletes and leading edge philosophers including Karren Brady, Tom Curren and Ken Wilber.

“Astonishing abstract paintings that sing the infinite songs of Spirit manifesting on the radiant cusp of form and formlessness. The painting technique is sophisticated, replete with complex weaves of staining the canvas, thin washes, thicker brushwork, and impassioned impasto, such that the worked materials are a symphony in their own right.” Michael Schwarz – Integral Art Gallery

His work is part of Relational Art, a concept that came out of the Young British Art movement, led by Damien Hurst and Tracey Emin, and characterised by its desire to express a sense of emotional freedom. Louis has also been deeply inspired by Mark Rothko, particularly his sublime use of colour, by J.M.W. Turner, whose impressionistic style was ahead of its time, and by Rodin, who created such fantastic figures.

In his corporate work Louis uses a technique called VisionScaping, where he works with high-level executives to unleash the creative energy within them and their company. Essentially, he helps leaders to see and grasp their own future. His extraordinary ability to evoke the best in a leader and their organisation makes Louis and his work sought after worldwide.

His VisionScape work has been commissioned by corporations such as Microsoft, BMW and Visa, as well as successful private entrepreneurs. Louis is the founder of and lead instructor at VisionScape Academy, which trains and accredits facilitators of VisionScape workshops. These workshops enable leaders to tangibly experience and release their inner creativity.

In addition to being a master painter, Louis is experienced with Insights Coaching. This helps him work closely with people to explore and capture the essence of what is most important about their vision, goals, and creative potential. Louis is an excellent motivational and leadership speaker on themes of creativity, engagement and fulfilment at work. He has worked with leadership teams at Mars, Bank Of America, eBay, Hilton and GlaxoSmithKline.

Louis’ art commissions can be found all over the world. For the last six years he has been the Guest Artist for The Four Seasons, Kuda Huraa, Maldives. One of his favourite achievements is having one of his artwork pieces auctioned for charity, raised £120,000.

When he isn’t painting, Louis loves to surf and scuba dive, seeking inspiration from all the colour and vibrancy under the waves. He lives in Cheltenham at the foot of the Cotswold Hills with his beautiful wife and family.