Need Some Space?

Need Some Space?

When you feel free… Do you bring spaciousness to others? Do you crave the wide open spaces… time to think, time to breathe, time to find openness? When you experience the higher levels of yourself, can you taste the ozone of expansive, ever broadening freedom?

Air is life giving. It refreshes, it rejuvenates, it revitalises every single cell in your body. In a single deep breath, you oxygenate your lungs, your brain, your energetic system. In a single out-breath you can detoxify your body, your mind, your thoughts, your experiences. It’s through breath we learn to let go, be open, and lose our attachment to ‘stuff’.

Too much air, and we get lightheaded… Off with the fairies… We lose our connection with reality. We become vacuous and nonsensical.

Too little air… and we lose far more! We become toxic, stuck and afraid of anything that looks and feels free.

If any of this touches you this piece will serve you. It’s called ‘Being The Breath of Goodness’