Andrew and Claires SoulScape

Andrew and Claires SoulScape

Claire and Andrew are good friends, and a fantastic couple.

Andrew provides the bedrock for the relationship with his pragmatic and directive thinking, and Claire is very much more about “Going with the flow”

What makes them feel alive?

In one word: creating. They love to create together. Andrew is a keen photographer, and Claire a beautiful dress maker.

Their creativity doesn’t stop there. They now have a 1 year old daughter and are expecting again!

How did you capture their essence in oil on canvas?

These combined energies of bedrock and water-flow immediately brought to mind rivers and waterfalls. Andrew brings direction and boundary, clare brings spontaneity and surprise. This is probably why they love each other so much.

In this piece this is symbolised by the couple standing on a solid surface, in the midst of huge water-flow.

What was of genuine surprise to me was that they both saw the figures carrying a small child. This was completely unintentional, and well before their new children had come on the scene. I guess it just goes to show the power of creativity to reveal what lies ahead.