Ashraf and Zurina SoulScape

Ashraf and Zurina SoulScape

Ashraf and Zurina were on their honeymoon in the Maldives when I met with them to plan their Soulscape. I asked them to imagine their most perfect work of art and what they would like to experience while looking at it.

Ashraf had a rapt look on his face as he gazed around him at the ocean, the white sands, and the big blue sky. “I’d like to feel like this,” he said.

“And how does this make you feel?” I asked him, indicating the surrounding beauty.

“Peace,” Ashraf said. “And relaxation.”

In response, I chose blue colors for the painting, especially turquoise, which instill a sense of peace and serenity.

Next, complimenting that serenity was Zurina’s dynamism. She had a real passion and directness about her. She is the kind of person who wants to get things done and move things forward in their relationship.

I reflected this aspect of her with a subtle flash of red energy which blends into purple. This purple represents a combination of peace and passion which ultimately can be transformative in their relationship.

Now, as we look at the painting as a whole, we see two tiny figures standing on the horizon line. This represents Ashraf and Zurina contemplating the future together. Above them we see two elegant, warm embracing figures that are noticeably close and intimate. This is the early stages of love and compassion. The figures are made out of light – that light of love that will hold them together even in the most difficult of circumstances. And we see, two delicate flashes of light on the left and right of the figures. These represent the coming of new life.