Colin and Gill

Colin and Gill

Colin and Gill both own a personal development business and are fascinated with human potential and how to inspire creativity in individuals, teams and organisations.

On a number of occasions we have worked together, and I have always been struck by just how in love they are with each other. I was thrilled when they asked me to paint their SoulScape as I really appreciate the dynamics of their relationship, and what they want to achieve in life together.

What makes them feel alive?

They are united in their desire to make a genuine difference in the world through the work that they do. The qualities that they display in achieving this are quite different, but very complimentary.

Gill is fiery and dynamic. She thrives in change, and likes to bring harmony out of chaos, as long as is doesn’t stay harmonious for too long, as she loves to move deeper and deeper into making change, and not getting stuck or bored.

Colin is thoughtful, reserved, pragmatic, and hold the space for gill to be able to express some of this fire. If gill is fire, then colin in water. He brings serenity and calm, and leads them both from a centred place. Not without a certain “quiet fire” himself, colin expresses this though his genuine desire to bring stability, his decisiveness, and his spark of “calm directive ness”.

How did you capture their essence in oil on canvas?

Gill is captured as the fiery, energetic figure on the right of the SoulScape. She rises above adversity, and brings dynamism and light to the whole.

Colin is at the lower right of the SoulScape, bringing flow and serenity to the whole.

At the centre of the piece is the space that is opened up by this relationship for clients, and those around them. A warm and calm, embracing energy that is very welcoming ,open, dynamic, and brings about genuine change.

The world is a better place for people like Colin and Gill.

What do they say about their SoulScape?

“Working with Louis was a voyage of discovery. He took time to get to know us and understand what makes us tick – individually and as a couple – before creating our very own and unique ‘SoulScape’.

From the moment we saw our SoulScape we loved it, as both a work of art and expression of our relationship. It radiates energy and lights up our lounge. Its intricacies enable us to constantly explore and find new meaning within it. It always seems fresh and new.”