Dean, Leone and Imogen

Dean, Leone and Imogen

This series of works captures the story of how this family has grown and developed, from seeing each other from afar, to a growing intimacy, to having a beautiful girl of their own.

Starting out as close friends, it took them some time to realise that there was something more for them than friendship. Over more than a decade a connection slowly formed, and dean realised at a deep level he felt “better for being in the company of leone”

There relationship naturally unfolded, growing in a member of potentials, testing and knowing things would happen at the right time.

These growing connections we sealed with their first kiss. A moment they both remember vividly.

What was their perfect work of art?

For Leone, the perfect work of art had to be “fresh and light, giving a warm feeling, and giving me a hidden smile”. For Dean it would have to tell a story, one that seemed apparent on the surface, but would be forever told on further contemplation of the art. That like ripples on a pond, the story keeps on being told.

The piece would take them more strongly and deeply into their relationship. It would explore their path of closeness, and help them feel thankful everyday.

It would also he them remind them that they are “creating their future the way we what to shape it”

It would also celebrate the arrival of their new daughter Imogen.

“She has broken us. We keep leaking!” Their deep love for their daughter and each other is very apparent in how they are together. All of this energy and vibrancy and fresh emotion would have to be carried onto the canvas.

Imogen is bright eyed and full of life. She looks you straight in the eye and shows early signs of clarity and intelligence. What a beautiful little girl!

How did you capture their essence in oil on canvas?

The first thing that struck me was just how different Dean and Leone’s quality of energy is.

She is fiery and sociable. He is deep, centred and caring. She likes clarity and crispness, he likes “evolving earthy landscapes”.

When I show them previous works, they both gravitate to the purple, magenta and violet hues, though turquoise holds a real significance too.

This series of art was just such a deep delight to create. As I began work I focussed on our conversation and held onto the feeling I had of each of the family. I began with the first piece in the triptych, and loved working with the two bands of light that represented their early forming connection.

The next two pieces, from the passionate kiss, to the family celebration evolved very naturally too. The preparatory layers of paint and texture flowed together effortlessly. I saw figures emerging in the final piece, a female form holding up a child, and a protective, embracing father figure to the left.

The feeling of “ongoing evolution” is carried through in the veils of texture running up and down the margins of the artwork. I embellished these with vines and branches, and gold leaf. The gold leaf represents an embedding of precious memories.

The overall feeling I was wanting to come across was that of brightness, freshness, evolving transformation, and deep joy.

What did they say when they saw their SoulScape?

On delivery of the work I made a personal call while the artwork was being opened.

Leone was so full of emotion and tears and laughter that it was decided to continue the conversation at a later date!