Matt Dimbylow’s ‘Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it’

Matt Dimbylow’s ‘Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it’

Matt Dimbylow provided the inspiration for this triptych.

His proudest moment was representing Great Britain was winning gold at the 2009 Arafura Games in Darwin, Australia. London will be his second Paralympic Games.

“This will be my second Paralympic Games, and it is one that myself and the squad are looking forward to. Our preparations continue to go well, and with strong support both on and off the pitch the squad is looking forward to fulfilling its potential at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.”

Matt Dimbylow

Matt first got involved with 7-a-side Football after he received a head injury playing semi-professional Football. Prior to his accident, Matt played for Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, St Helens and various other clubs in the North West.

During the 2009 games The Team GB football team had a mantra that became the core of teams performance and potential. That mantra was this:

“Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!”

These three pieces capture the essence of this mantra.

How did you capture the essence of this in oil on canvas?

“Dream it”

A first glance, in this first piece we see a figure poised, as though about to pounce off a set of starting blocks. Looking closer, especially at the figures bowed head, and the intensity of the knuckles pressed into the surface, we can see this is actually a moment of clarity.

There was indecision, pain and contemplation here. It’s as though the question is being asked “What if I fail?” as well as a deep summoning up of the internal energy required to overcome this potential obstacle.

This is the essence of real dreaming. It’s the forming of a compelling inner image that can carry us through all the difficulties that we have to overcome in life, to take us to the next level.

This inner light has an effect on external circumstances. This is symbolised by a glimmering golden light in the top right hand corner of the piece.

“Believe it”

Here the figure is intensely focussed, sprinting hard, head down, with heart felt light flowing front the core of its being.

He is propelled forward, head long into “the wall”.

This magenta curve of texture represents that inner potable that we all have to overcome to achieve true greatness.

Anything that is truly worth creating, always lies on the other side of the seemingly impossible. This is the heartfelt impulse in all of us to evolve, to overcome, and to contribute to the highest good in doing so.

“Achieve it”

This is the magical moment when we overcome that inner obstacle, and break though to the other side of potential.

Here, what was initially a small spark of light, has become a sustained, flowing, river of light.

When we set our minds to achieve the unachievable it activates the creative impulse that lies dormant inside. This is the light of true achievement.

When we sustain this kind of willpower… The kind of will power to overcome all of our inner mediocrity, something remarkable happens.This light doesn’t just flow through us…. It flows as us.

What did Matt say when he saw the artwork?

“I didn’t know what to say when i first saw my Soulscapes. I just stood in silence and stared. What Louis has captured is… something very hard to describe. It can’t be talked about, it has to be felt.

But when I stand in front of these pieces, I feel like I can do anything.”