Steve and Ela SoulScape

Steve and Ela SoulScape

Steve and Ela
When I met this couple, they had a real story to share – one of depth and many layers. We spent four hours together over a glass of wine at their new house. This being their second marriage, there was a lot of history. He ended up describing me as a priest as he opened up about many things that his wife didn’t even know about him!

He is a ‘make it happen’ type of person. Director of a very successful business, he is passionate about what he does and the difference he makes in the world through his work. He is all about transformation, reaching potential, and realising possibilities. He described an experince whilst practising tae kwondo, which had a firey nature to it and a profound alert stillness.

She is a genuinely caring nurturer, all about holding the space, deeply compassionate, and providing a place for the final to flourish in. Together they produce a harmonious balance through which possibilities emerge.

As they described their children, each of their personalities came through loud and clear. One is creative and gregarious, the other very focused on achieving and driven by success. The youngest arrival brought real joy and an intelligent enquiring nature to the household.

 What was their perfect work of art?

They wanted to experience a sense of togetherness, possibly direction. They wanted each of the family to have a clear presence in the piece, and to show how being together created the whole.

They were also incredibly open in allowing me to create whatever I felt was right, which was refreshing. I felt that I had free reign to let the paint flow as It wanted to. In this way they weren’t descriptive about they wanted…just that it would make them really happy!

 How did you capture their essence in oil on canvas?

In this family SoulScape it is evident that there are two very different personalities at play. One is all about agency, being directly protective and providing direction to the whole.

The other figure is quietly, thoughtfully holding the space for this to happen. Delicate greens and turquoises flow from this figure of light representing qualities of calmness and serenity.

They both shared a very intimate moment in which she holds his head and it brings him calm. I felt very honoured to hear this and it showed me just now deeply connected and rooted this couple are in their care for each other.

I started by throwing two sets of colours on the canvas, greens and turquoises on one side, and reds and oranges on the other. When I came back to the studio the next day they had dried in a circular fashion that blended beautifully. I then became aware of figures emerging from the layers and pulled these to the surface using different textures. In many ways this piece created itself.

Finally I found areas in the piece that I could paint the children, as various qualities of dancing light.

Also, knowing something about previous generations really affected the depth of what to create. It is comprised of many layers, each one representing previous generations, right up to their own children.

It is the physical beating heart of our house – the Soul of our home. Our day does not start or end until we have seen it. When we have been away, we know we are home when we see it and feel it wash over us. Every time we see it, it touches our deepest souls – it makes us smile, it makes us sad, it makes us happy. Every time we look at it we see/feel something new. We discover a piece of us that we had forgotten existed. We discover a piece of us that is still yet to come.

And not just us – it has the same effect on everyone who sees it but especially family. Family see it and understand everything. Sometimes I catch the kids just standing and staring at it – quietly lost in it, seeing their own dreams and futures – feeling their own Souls in the universe.
Steve Cappa CDir, MBA, Bsc hired Louis as an Artist – September 8, 2010