Yannick and Sarah

Yannick and Sarah

Yannick and Sarah

When I first met this honeymoon couple I was immediately struck by their togetherness.
It was quickly apparent that they had different personality styles, undergirded by a deep respect for each other. There was a real maturity to their love, which mystified me as they looked so young. I realised this was because I had misjudge there age (the warm Dubai air had been good to them both)!

He was very focussed, intense, and forthright. She was also forthright, but smiled and joked easily. She was effervescent; he was warmly commanding. Both are successful business people, one of them owning their own company.

They met salsa dancing and it had been love at first sight. He made her “laugh like hell” and she made him smile deeply inside.

What was their perfect work of art?

When I asked them what there perfect work of art was like, and what they experienced when they looked at it, here is what they said:

“I once saw a piece in Paris. I was so struck by it. It was deep burgundies, red and oranges. I just lost myself in it. I would want to look at this piece and see something new and deep in it every time.”

“I would want to see us letting each other flourish. We are together, but are giving each other space to be who we are. He lets me be who I really am and I love that.”

How did you capture their essence?

I started out sketching couples who were together, but not so close that it would feel suffocating to this couple. They already knew and honoured their differences, so here the figures are holding each other, looking at each other and laughing. He is spinning her round and round and she is loving the moment.

The warm fiery colours represent both of their natures. Though he was a little introverted, he was fiery too. They were both fiery, and the colours of the soulscape reflect this. They were also very grounded, though him more than her. She was happier to be playful, but he had a very focussed form of play by being a pretty serious surfer.

The figures at the bottom of the piece represent the first time they got together and the energy lines between the larger spark tonal figures and the smaller figure depict the journey from now into the future. They dance even in the midst of difficulties and the dark curtain on each side of the pair have gold leaf layered in them, to reprint accumulation of treasured memories.

What did they say when they saw the piece?

We have really been enjoying our paintings for about a month now and they have become a part of the family. The Soulscape has so many facets to it, different times of day and different angles give us different perspectives -there’s fire and there’s grace. It really is stunning and makes us smile whenever we see it. To think that we were the inspiration for the piece is pretty flattering 😉