SoulScape Process


Louis receives many requests for commissions and so the client selection part of the process is important for two reasons.

First, SoulScapes are not for everybody. They tend to serve best those who have achieved some important milestones in life, who have a unique story to tell, or who have overcome some major obstacle.

Second, Louis has a responsibility to commit and focus his energies fully on his clients, and this requires him to limit the number of commissions he accepts. In this way, he ensures that he is both fulfilling his personal vision as an artist and creating a true legacy for his clients. He works hard to paint a SoulScape that will inspire the viewer for a lifetime.

If you believe you are a potential client, you can arrange a personal no-obligation first conversation with Louis in person or by phone/Skype (just email This is an opportunity for him to understand your needs and expectations more fully and for you to ask any questions that you might have.

Taking the next step, Louis will set a date with you for your first SoulScape consultation.



This consultation, often held in your own home or a place where you most feel ‘you’, is where you get to share the fullness of your story with Louis, your precious moments and your legacy. Clients often remark just how insightful this conversation is. Indeed, it is almost as important as the act of creating your SoulScape. All of the thoughts and feelings you share become the inspiration that Louis uses to create your unique masterpiece.

Louis is a highly trained and accredited as a facilitator and coach. He is an extremely intuitive, expert listener and he will often reflect back insights so that you feel assured you have been completely understood. Questions also include what colours you feel most drawn to and what works of art have inspired you in the past.

This is a genuine act of co-creation. Although Louis will guide this process with his insight, perspective and efficacy, you are instrumental in the creation of your SoulScape.

Louis will record the conversation and take notes to ensure that every single detail is captured.



Following this conversation, within the next week, Louis will create your preliminary sketch or series of sketches.

These are, in and of themselves, beautiful works of art captured in oil pastel and acrylic on paper. Often these pieces make wonderful keepsakes, or they can be an extra work of art to inspire you in another part of your home, or your business. These are available to buy even if a full SoulScape commision isn’t purchased.



The secondary consultation is also a face-to-face meeting whenever possible. Here Louis will share with you the preliminary sketches and explain how this would be translated into oil-on-canvas. This is the ideal opportunity to ensure that your SoulScape will truly hit the mark with you and be everything you are hoping for.



Following the successful accomplishment of your preliminary sketch, high quality canvasses are stretched to accommodate the creation of your oil on canvas masterpiece.

Louis devotes 6-8 weeks of loving talent and attention toward the creation of your SoulScape. He builds it up in many layers of paint, with deep, rich textures using the highest quality oil paints. This devotion to quality ensures you have a lasting legacy. You can be sure your painting will outlive you and your children’s children.

During this process, Louis keeps in personal touch to let you know how the artwork is progressing.



For most clients, Louis personally delivers their SoulScape, where this isn’t possible Louis will ensure it is carefully shipped to you in a bespoke crate. Louis will ensure that once you have received it, you are thoroughly delighted with the piece. Some clients like to have Louis on Skype when they unwrap the artwork so he can still share the unveiling moment.



Option A: SoulScape Unveiling Party

If Louis personally delivers your SoulScape this can be combined with throwing a SoulScape Unveiling Party. Here you get to invite your closest friends, colleagues and family to your home or work. Your SoulScape is initially placed on an easel, covered up while Louis skillfully facilitates an experience with your guests using other pieces of art. He invites them to think about their own lives, and moments of significance and aliveness.

Following this, your SoulScape is unveiled and the meaning behind it shared.

This is a fantastically unique way to celebrate your significant milestones in life, whether it’s a 50th birthday or an anniversary.

Option B: Enriching your relationship with your SoulScape

Even the greatest works of art typically receive a short attention span from viewers (on average 7 seconds). With a SoulScape, this is markedly extended. You will find it takes a hold of you. Clients often say that they can lose themselves in their SoulScape for hours. They see something fresh and new in it every day. Even five years later you will still find new things to love about your own masterpiece. It grows with you. It changes as you change. It shapes the contours of your neural architecture and helps you see you and the world around you, in a whole new way.

To aid this process, Louis has developed a set of simple practises and trainings that he will personally guide you through to get the most out of your SoulScape. These include guided visualisations, using the latest developments in neuroscience and mindfulness studies. In this way, you develop a beautiful relationship with your SoulScape.

Option C: Publishing your SoulScape

Sometimes a person’s SoulScape story is so potent and powerful, so applicable to so many lives, that it can be released as a short run of Limited Edition prints. This way, others can take inspiration from your life’s lessons or your story of overcoming.

The SoulScape process enables you to own a work of art that will capture the essence of who you really are, for a lifetime.