Louis Parsons
Motivational & Leadership Speaker

“What the world needs now, more than ever is to tell itself a different story. A story that is equal to our true beauty, that faces into our suffering and releases the creativity that we are truly capable of. We need to meet the pain of the world, and the daily demands of our lives with the power and presence of our unique creativity.
Right now, in this emerging New Renaissance we have been given the opportunity to collectively re-imagine ourselves and recreate a world that works for all.”

– Louis Parsons

Louis Parsons is an artist that speaks with passion and energy about the power of the creative process to re-imagine ourselves and re-create our world.

He speaks to corporations and conferences worldwide on themes of leadership, vision, creativity, the future, change management, transformation, energy, The Human Story and the New Global Renaissance.

He is a guest speaker for the Academy Of Chief Executives and Vistage.

As well as being an Insights practitioner, he is a Think Tank Scholar for the Centre of Integral Wisdom. He was tasked specifically with the writing of a paper on how the democratisation of creativity is critical in creating a world that works for all and how a new global scale renaissance is the only hope humanity has to meet the global scale challenges we currently face. Louis is also a deep practitioner for Climate Quest (a group of cross disciplinary leaders including members of the UN, World Economic Forum and Greenpeace). This group is dedicated to meeting the UN 2020 goals to alleviate the global challenges that climate change presents us with.

On an individual level Louis speaks to the need to embrace our uniqueness, our energy, our soul and our creativity to meet the demands of everyday life and contribute to those around us in a fulfilling way.

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