VisionScaping : What is True Transformation?

VisionScaping : What is True Transformation?

It takes a huge amount of systemic change to make a cultural shift in an organisation.

But when you sense a shift in consciousness in an organisation, whether it’s a spark in the eye or in the tone of a voice, or in a firm and confident (but loving) handshake… a lot of these systems begin to get organised far more swiftly, out of a need and a respect to get things done right.

We’ve all walked into company foyers, or shop fronts where we know instantaneously, people don’t care about this place. It’s like the wheels are still turning, but the hamster is dead!

Then there are other places where, sometimes it’s just a ‘feel in the air’ as you walk into a place, and you instantaneously love it, and you don’t know why.

This systemic shift, this care and attention to details, from the unloved organisation to one that is loved, occurs as naturally as a tree shedding the leaves it no longer needs… systems reorganise around principles that bring the whole system live. Again, the distinction here is bringing our own self awareness and focussed attention to these things.

A tree doesn’t have to think about shedding its leaves, it just does it. The beauty and terror of our self awareness and the power of choice is not so much that we change… but that we can choose to stay the same! We can choose to hold onto the old leaves to prevent new life from coming through… We can be like a snake that tries to hold onto the old snake skin… Like holding on to clothes that you used to wear six years ago… It just doesn’t feel right. We’ve moved on… but our surface layers don’t let us move on.

So what is needed most from you as a leader?

Incremental systemic change? Partly. Yes.

What is really needed is for you to implement a shift in consciousness.

So are you willing to implement this to your own being first?

As a leader it is your responsibility to wake up and to wake up those around you, to their latent possibility as human beings.

As Benjamin Zander, a symphonic pianist on a recent TEd talk says. “I define the quality of my leadership by the amount of eyes I have shining around me.”

Is this true for you?

(The path of Transformation is explored through VisionScaping workshops. Take a peek here if you want tom instigate personal and collective transformation in your organisation)