A VisionScape is your organisations vision in oil on canvas.

More than just a beautiful work of art, a VisionScape gives a felt sense of what you and your organisation want to accomplish in the world.

It’s a powerful symbol for you and your people to unite behind, to measure and track progress, and enable you to achieve your most challenging goals.

Art has been at the forefront of every cultural revolution. What cultural revolution do you what to co-create in your organisation? Just as a Rothko changes your view of colour, Michelangelo changes your view of the human form, a VisionScape will transform your perspective of what you and your organisation are capable of.

Louis Parsons is the artist and facilitator who will take you on a Visionscape journey that is inspirational and insightful. Conducted as a workshop with employees, management or a combination of both you will be led through an experience that will culminate in a physical artwork that can hang in your offices and inspire you and your people to be the best they can be.

Corporate Commissions

These tend to be for foyers of new buildings, or organisations that have undergone major rebranding. These works are large in scale, and often commissioned as an interconnected series of work that tell a powerful story.

Due to the sheer size of the work, each time these commissions have struck a deep chord with the organisations they are for. They make a dramatic and long lasting impression for any organising seeking to create the right impression and communicate new cultural values not just to clients, but to the organisation itself.

The commissioning process is simple. If your organisation has a space, open to the public, that requires large scale artwork, then email Louis’ team at

Louis will personally visit the space and seek to understand your needs, and the needs to those visiting. He will then create a series of proposal sketches designed to make just the right impact.

Louis has created art for BMW and for the Royal Villa in the Four Seasons resort in Kuda Haraa.

A second option is to commission ideas for artwork that Louis has already conceived. These include powerful content, and human interest, answering deep questions like “what is it to be fully human?” “What is the world becoming?” “How can we make a difference?”

Two such commissions that are ready to be created, are as follows:

“The Soul Renaissance”

“The Heroes Journey”