What Gets You In Flow?

What Gets You In Flow?

When you feel alive… Does life feel like a dance? Do you feel in flow? Is there effortless grace in the things you set out to create?

Water is fundamental to the existence of life. Without it, we get stuck. We dry out, we calcify, we lose our ‘mojo’.

Water is adaptive, it shapes itself… transforms its state… to get to where it needs to get to. Whether it’s to evaporate up to the heavens, or to flow to the ocean, or to carve mountains. This adaptive quality is far from weakness. It is true freedom.

What are you willing to change inside you to get to where you know you are being drawn to? Do you need to be as resilient as ice right now? To grind down your obstacles? Or do you need to melt and flow willingly down a new path? Maybe the intense heat of a situation means you need to become invisible until you can rain down refreshing energy over the whole context of what you are facing….

Too much water, and we lose our form, we become too fluid, we over extend our energies on behalf of others… We lose our sense of self.

Does any of this land for you? If is does, then this piece will help you. It’s called ‘Being the flow of life’.