What lights you up?

What lights you up?

When you feel energised… do you see the big picture? The ultimate reality? Do you make the big connections? Are you able to see yourself as part of something more?

This may make no sense at all to you. In which case, don’t worry… move on. Maybe though, just maybe, when to look up at a clear night sky… This is when you feel most at home.

You are in awe, but you don’t feel small.

You sense your connection to the very beginning of all things. If the idea that ‘you are stardust’ lights you up, then you have attuned yourself to Life (note the big “L”) in the broadest and deepest possible context.

It’s an incredible perspective to see yourself as a tiny but significant past of the vast recycling of the cosmos. The very elements that form your body (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen) are the very same elements that form stars. At one point in the 14 billion years of the unfolding of the universe… these elements that form your hands, your face and your body were once part of a distant star.

And yet here you are. Alive. Alert. Bringing some kind of awareness to each and every moment.

This “element” is more than the others, though it is made up of them. As Life itself, you will still take the form of earth, air, fire and water in varying degrees.

But this is the fifth element: Consciousness. Life itself.

You cannot have too much consciousness!

If this resonates with you… even if you don’t fully understand it… Then this piece will serve you. It’s called ‘Being Life Itself’.