What Lights Your Fire?

What Lights Your Fire?

When you are at your best…. How does it feel inside? Do you feel passionate? Alert? Stretched?

Fire is power in its purist form. At our highest levels of human capacity, we experience fire as the all consuming desire to create, to do what is necessary at all costs, knowing it is good for the ultimate context.

You are willing to push…yourself primarily, then others… To the very edge of what is possible, and beyond. It’s fire that gives you the juice to see things through to the end.

Fire means you love the deadline. You love to stand in the face of injustice…

You speak your mind and say the things no one else is willing to, knowing it’s the truth that will change someone forever.

Knowing it will save them decades of “pussy-footing” around.

Instead of beating around the bush, you set it ablaze to demonstrate what needs to be done.

At the lower levels… You can misdirect your anger. You are impulsive, driven by motivation, rather than using your motivation to drive the truth home. If you are “driven”… Then who is in the driving seat? When you “lose it” is when this fire spills over and destroys rather than creates.

As you contemplate this piece.. as yourself.. Consider these questions:

How much fire do I have?

Do I have enough to see the truth expressed in my life, and in those around me?

Do I have the will… the power to drive home what needs to be done?

If not, this piece will serve you to do so.

Its called “Being The flame of Truth”

Im revealing it for the first time in the public eye very soon.

If you would like to see the original… then you should come to this:

Exclusive Private View, and SoulScape Art Experience on Friday 21st June

Being The Flame Of Truth