The Art Of VisionScaping

Creative Experiences for Leadership teams, Retreats and Conferences

Releasing authenticity, inspiration and creativity in the workplace

There is a global shift in how business is being done. More than ever, leaders and their teams want more authenticity in the workplace. They want to say those things that are not being said.

People want to be accepted, understood, and dealt with as human beings. Not just “Human Doings”.

Simultaneously, the need for adaptation, creativity, innovation and the ability to recreate identity is needed more than ever in the current shifting markets.

You need new levels of trust, and authenticity of communication in your teams.

So, as a leader, you have probably had the away day with your team. You’ve probably done the paint balling, the sailing, and the other outdoor pursuits. You have also had the presentation skills, the personality test and the attitudinal training.

Does part of you know there is more?

Corporate Workshops

In these workshops you and your team have a day of undeniable creativity in oil on canvas. Louis Parsons (full time professional artist and creativity consultant) will take you through an entirely unique process of creating that engages your heart and your mind.

You not only understand yourself more deeply, you understand your team at a whole new level. You also get to go home with an oil painting that you have created!

To find out more please download the Workshops PDF here.

  The Art Of Authentic Leadership 2.0